12th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR12)

To fully participate in today’s networked society and be part of tomorrow’s hyper-connected digital world, policy makers and regulators are faced with the challenge of meeting their national broadband goals and adopt appropriate means to further safe digital opportunities and inclusion of all. Implementing their broadband strategies requires them to cooperate with the industry, understand the changes taking place in the market, and adopt innovative regulatory measures and tools taking into consideration the transnational aspects of the digital networked society.

Participants will further share their views on net neutrality, spectrum policies, roaming, cloud computing, online safety with a focus on data protection and privacy, international and regional IP interconnection, public-private-partnerships to foster investment and deployment of broadband NGN networks and more. GSR will open with a high level interactive segment, focusing on transnational regulatory issues in a converged digital era, understanding the changing business dynamics and the role of regulation.

The first two days of GSR, the Global Regulators-Industry Dialogue (GRID, 2-3 October 2012) will be open to regulators, policy makers, ITU–D Sector Members. The third day (4 October 2012) will remain closed to regulators and policy makers.



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