ITU. Falta de Transparencia

Bringing transparency to the ITU The forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications is marred by a lack of transparency. Access to preparatory reports, as well as proposed modifications to the ITRs, is limited to ITU member states and a few other privileged parties. This leaves civil society groups, and the public in general, in the dark. To foster greater transparency, we are offering a way for those in possession of such documents to make them publicly available. They can be anonymously submitted to us, and we will publish them here. WCIT-12 Documents This section is divided between official WCIT documents, official WCIT preparatory documents associated with the Council Working Group, and unofficial documents related to WCIT. WCIT Documents The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) will be held from 3 DEC 2012 to 14 DEC 2012 in Dubai. These documents are directly associated with that meeting. We are missing the documents listed in light gray.